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Aerial Imagery, Tower Inspection, Planimetrics, Mapping, Powerline Survey/Inspection, Wildlife Research, SAR, LiDAR, Hydrology, Videography, BIM, Digital Twin Generation, SLAM, Geodetics, Topography

Professionally accredited UAS operations

When you choose us to provide your data, know you're getting the best.
Our operators are FAA Part 107 certified and well insured, but that's only the beginning. Our team regularly logs continuing education hours in pursuit of the best deliverables from the latest industry technologies and practices. Our flight systems, equipment, and SOPs ensure you get the result you want, second to none.

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Our Services

AIM strives to provide expert analysis, precise data, and quick turnaround times.


Our team will fly your mission to produce a geometrically corrected ("orthorectified") map of your target area. Orthophotos are very helpful because you can measure accurate distances as the image has been adjusted for topographic relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt.


Our team will fly your mission to produce a 2D or 3D model of your target area with relative accuracy. Digital twins, accident scenes, Topo maps, and construction planning can all benefit from our constructed models.


Thermography has many uses. Our team can readily identify power line failures, inspect solar arrays, find energy inefficiencies in structures, and even detect building material failures.

Scaled Site Inspections

With centimeter precision, our team can perform various overflights of your construction projects. With that data, we can overlay engineering plans to ensure the accuracy of the actual build-out week by week. Our systems can monitor stockpile levels, produce accurate topographical maps and data files, and point-map areas for new build-outs in a fraction of the time taken by conventional methods.

Asset Inspections

Using specialized equipment, our team can digitally scan your bridge, cellular tower, water tower, and many other critical infrastructures quickly and accurately. The customer will receive a digital asset representation so they can rotate and manipulate it in 3D space for inspection.

Road and Bridge

Our systems can fly over your designated areas firing over 500,000 points of light per second with centimeter-level precision to give you some of the most accurate topographical data. Using survey-grade real-time kinematics and LiDaR, we will deliver ultra-dense point cloud files that penetrate tree canopies and vegetation. The result is absolute data that can easily be imported into CAD, Revit, and other professional software suites.


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